The Process

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Gathering Information to Obtain Best Pricing

There are multiple factors that determine the price you pay for electricity and natural gas. The more complete your package, the better pricing we’ll obtain. 

Letter of Authorization

  • Authorizes your utility company to release usage data for the past 12 months. This information becomes an important part of your package.  Not only how much energy you use but how you use it has a lot to do with the price you pay. 

Letter of Representation

  • This letter informs the energy suppliers that you choose to utilize the services of Avion Energy instead of other parties that may have been assigned to service your account in the past. Energy suppliers provide pricing through one channel.  Your account may already be assigned to their employee.

3 Complete Copies of Your Most Recent Billing Statements

  • Billing statements provide rate class, zone, or other classification information.

  • The 3 most recent copies can be used for credit purposes.  Energy suppliers will use their money up front to purchase 12, 24, or 36 months of electricity for you.  They allow you to pay for it over time (monthly) as you use it.  If you consistently pay your bill on time – risk factors go down and you benefit from better pricing. Most energy providers use billing statements versus other methods to determine credit worthiness.
What We Do

Shop Your Energy Consumption
We compile your package with your electricity and\or natural gas data and submit it for pricing to the energy suppliers. 

Competition Begins
Avion has relationships with 34 energy suppliers. We will submit your package to those licensed to do business in your State. Avion’s energy suppliers know and understand their price offers will be presented to you and compared to competing energy suppliers. They understand their price has to be better than the rest to win your business.

Contract Evaluation
Certainly you should read and understand any agreements you sign with an energy supplier.  We evaluate contract documents to make sure there are no hidden fees.  When presenting pricing, we typically present an all-inclusive fixed price allowing you to clearly identify the best price offer.  If you have special requirements or situations (moving or new building additions etc. that will take place during the contract term) let us know and we’ll accommodate those situations.

Pricing Presentation
It could take 7-10 days (perhaps longer with multiple accounts) to obtain custom pricing from the energy providers. We will contact you when pricing is complete and arrange a time to present our findings.  Staying true to our motto – “Simplifying Energy Decisions” we will present the price comparison on one page listing the offers from the energy providers competing for your business. 

Energy markets are volatile; prices change every 15 minutes.  The prices we present are good for the day.  This is not intended to pressure you to make a hasty decision; it’s just a function of how prices are affected. 

Generally energy providers offer pricing for multiple terms (12 month – 24 month – 36 month).  There are seasonal cycles that impact demand – historically, summer electricity demand is high and winter natural gas demand is high.  Higher demand equates to higher prices.  We will recommend choosing a term that has your contract coming up for renewal in a low demand season of the year. (15 months – 16 months – 17 months etc)

Agreements Presented for Signature
Chose the energy provider and the length of the agreement and we’ll arrange to have the documents prepared for your signature. 

Switch to a New Provider
The steps to switching providers are simple and will not interrupt your service.  We will forward the new agreement to the energy provider.  If you are switching to a different energy provider, the utility company will be notified of the switch.  They will schedule a meter reading to determine the final usage to be billed for your current supplier and establish the beginning reading for the new energy provider. The timing of how this happens varies from one utility company to another.  Once the new reading is established you’ll use electricity and\or natural gas for the first billing cycle before being billed by the new energy supplier. 

Enjoy Best Pricing
If you chose a fixed rate plan, the price you pay per KWh for electricity or per therm for natural gas will remain the same for the length of your contract.  You can enjoy budget certainty knowing your price will not be affected by market fluctuations.

90 Days Before Contract End – Start the Process Over
We frequently find energy consumers who contracted with a provider years ago but failed to renew or compare pricing from other suppliers when their contract expired.  Typically, they end up with a default rate that is higher and subject to market volatility.  In the months you use more you could be paying the highest rates for the year.  WE WON”T LET THAT HAPPEN!

Before your contract ends we will start the process all over again.  Competition in the market place keeps prices low as long as you allow competition to work.  We manage that for you.  Our process keeps you in best pricing year after year for decades to come.

We’re Ready and Able to Obtain Your Best Energy Pricing – Click the Get Started Button to Begin!